Jack Black

Jack Black
Jack is a traveling engineer, roaming from one assignment to the next, repairing equipment for TLATech in his high powered 2066 Thunderbird. Intelligent and hardworking, if a bit shy and naive. He knows more about handling machines than he does people. Cars especially.

Currently, Jack's trying very hard to understand a very shy lady: Jenny Curtis.

Cecil Stewart

Cecil Stewart, a giraffe.
Cecil is Jack's partner in their travels. While Jack handles hardware, Cecil handles software side of things. Being from a herding species, Cecil is a much more social creature. Loves to sing Gilbert & Sullivan.

The two of them each have their blind spots, but between them, they can keep each other on their toes.

Jenny Curtis

Jenny Curtis, PhD.
Jenny is a rather mysterious lady, mainly because she's rather shy about herself. She works as an engine designer for the Lockheed-Martin-Textron Skunkworks down at the Kenedy Spaceport, in Kenedy Texas. An excellent pilot, she is also the part owner of Bali Hai Aviation school at nearby El Coyote field. It would seem that she's shy about her past due to an encounter with a not-so-nice boyfriend, but her two best girl friends are trying to un-shy her by matching her up with Jack.

Beth and Barb

Barb Kendall and Beth Regina
Barb and Beth are programmers at the LMT Skunworks ladies, who herd together. The two of them are both enamoured of Cecil, who happily returns the favor. No jealousy involved. That's the way giraffes herd together. There are even hints that the three of them might form a permanent herd. Beth and Barb are currently working hard to un-shy their best friend Jenny, by matching her up with Jack.