Fast Cars, Hot Planes, Space Ships, and Talking Animals.
Wow! My first fan-fiction! This comes from my spikey friend, Quill who's put
quill to keyboard to recount some of Jenny's midnight thoughts on the night
she first curled up beside Jack on the couch at Beth and Barb's house.

Mid Night Memories

She surfaced from sleep to the reassuring, muffled
noises of the giraffes in the other room. Judging
from the laughter and the occasional squeal, they were
playing VR games again.

Jenny shook her head until her ears flapped, careful
to not disturb Jack, who was curled up around her,
warm and musky and comforting. His scent washed away
the phantom sensations from her dreams; the rank odor
of rage, mixed with the sharp smell of metal and
circuits, and the back-of-the-tongue taste of fear.

She shivered, trying to pull away from the dream. Her
fur was still ruffled from those last seconds caught
in a replay of the worst times. The times when
Scobee’s fury and contempt had reduced her to a
huddled ball on the floor, the times he’d crushed all
her self-worth under his cybernetic paws. The times
he’d taken a brilliant engineer and stripped her down
to a pathetic omega female--and had trained her to do
it to herself.

Jenny bared a fang at the memory. It was easy to see
what he’d done; it was harder to change her own
patterns of thought and behavior. Jack’s gentle
gallantry confused her, sometimes, and she would walk
into the wolf-laid trap of thinking herself unworthy
of his caring. It took so much effort to back out

She sighed, and laid her muzzle across Jack’s back.
He didn’t wake, but his tail moved ever so slightly,
curling more closely around her.

For a moment, her thoughts drifted back to Scobee
before the crash that had nearly taken his life. He’d
been gentler then--still alpha wolf, but without the
desperate need to prove himself in such ugly ways.
The wolf she’d promised to marry had vanished into
viciousness when the surgeons had repaired him.

Jack...Jack was almost the antithesis of Scobee. Kind
where the wolf was harsh, deferential instead of
controlling. The dog-fox was like no one she’d ever
met. He was loyal and generous and loved speed as she
did, and Jenny would bet dollars to prairie dogs that
if one judged him by his friends he was richer than
ever Scobee was.

The soft ruffle of his breathing was soothing her eyes
into closing. Her subconscious had realized Jack’s
trustworthiness long ago, Jenny thought with some
amusement. She’d never hesitated to fall asleep
around him.

It was enough, for now.

It was enough, for now.
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