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The Boeing ArcAngel

The Boeing ArcAngel is the Mach 4, Intercontinental Business Jet of choice for 2066.

Satellite and Vehicle Assembly/Repair Station

Those docking pods can house 3 x 3-man (pilot, co-pilot, engineer) teams of mice on the life-support required for a larger mammal, such as a fox. They can work in shifts to give 24 hour shunting and lifting services. A pod that size can be equipped with sleeping quaters, galley and rec-room.

However, the flight surgeons tend to prefer that they dock back at the station to avoid spending too much time in microgravity. On the other hand, the crews do tend to do very well in the impromptu microgravity hockey matches that take place in the station's spindle every once in a while. But so far, no one has been able to beat the bat's team record.
Assembling an Earth Orbital shuttle.
The Blue Danube
Lindy exploring Jupiter's atmosphere!

21st Century Fox